Adair Park Community Information

The community of Mechanicsville was named for its ties to the railroad industry. Bordered by the Norfolk Southern rail yard on the west and south, Mechanicsville historically has had a high concentration of rail-related repair shops and storage facilities.

The residential make-up of Peoplestown is similar to that of Mechanicsville. A census count in 1990 indicated that the population of Peoplestown was approximately 4,200, with 88% of the residents being younger than age 65. Peoplestown, about 300 acres in size, is located south of Ormond Street and north of the Atlanta and West Point railroad. The east and west boundaries are Hill Street and the Downtown Connector, respectively.

The Atlanta community of Pittsburgh is located south of Mechanicsville and west of Peoplestown. Pittsburgh is another of Atlanta’s established neighborhoods that is currently working towards revival and renovation through the combined efforts of residents. The Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association is guided by a vision to promote economic, educational and recreational opportunities available to residents. The atmosphere of Pittsburgh is characterized by a strong sense of community pride among a predominantly family-oriented resident base.

Also in a state of renewal is the community of Summerhill. Once home to Atlanta’s most prestigious communities, Summerhill was affected by mid-20th century, socio-economic forces that changed the resident make-up of the community drastically. In the 1990’s, Summerhill Neighborhood Development, Inc., was established to spearhead the redevelopment of the buildings and infrastructure of Summerhill. In conjunction with the Olympics, Summerhill was redeveloped. Today, it is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Atlanta and the Organized Neighbors of Summerhill work with the city to keep Summerhill’s renovation and revitalization moving forward.

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